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How to be Popular on deviantART

Here are the list of things that enable you to become popular on deviantART- but my version.

1. Be a Forum Whore because the more you hang out at the forums; especially over at the Complaints Forums, you’ll get heaps of pageviews!

2. DRAW MOAR FANARTS! Especially fanarts that evolves Naruto, Avatar, Storm Hawks, Harry Potter, Sonic, etc, etc, etc, etc. Then you’ll see lots of arse kissers and fantards wanting to be your friend and, hence you getting lots of watchers and pageviews!

3. Be a troll that has shitty spelling and grammar and invade the Complaints Forums, and let your pageviews sky rocket with lots of comments and shit!

4. Be a suck up and an arse kisser to some of teh popular deviants here. :B

5. Post shitty camwhore worthy photos of whatever body parts you desire.

6. Create Anti-Twilight fanarts. You’ll get fans from either sides!

7. Be an attention whore and post heaps of BAWWWWWWWWWW worthy journals every 20 times a week if possible. You’ll then get the support from the arse kissers and double your pageviews! :B

8. Receive a Daily Deviation. You’ll get heaps of faves, comments, watchers AND pagevews!

9. Create pieces that consist of traced artworks and then you’ll see the pageviews sky rocket up to the roof!

10.  Whine about your incredibly stupid dog named slapples.

11.  (part of no.7) Post journal entries with links of some shitty AMV fan videos you created on youtube and beg your arse kissers to look at it!

12.  (part of no.5) Post pictures of  your boobies or penises or both.

13. Post crap that just barely dodges the staff's definition of porn. Hundreds of thousands of PVs.

14.  (part of no.2) Post moar furry art, become a fursona, anything that will double your pageviews!

15. Remember Chad? The crazy arse chimp that caused a shitstorm by blocking nearly everyone because he's a douchebag? Well, say hi to him! Because then he'll come and be your friend and when you disagree with him, he'll leave your page with harassing comments then block you, enhancing your pageviews!

16. Be on Hyperosity's list on her journal and you'll get plenty of pageviews on your page!

17. Be yourself!

Sorry if this is not lulzy enough for some, and this list is entirly for the fun of it. It's not like you guys have to take it seriously and such. LOL!
I've deleted the other one because I was supposed to add it as a text instead of a file. Sorry about that. ^^;

But I've altered some words so it won't feel so full on for some of you guys! :slow:

Enjoy my lame attempt of the lulz again. :lol:

And I also did this for the fun of it. =p
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September 11, 2009
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